Property Condition Assessments  



Property Condition Assessments are frequently performed prior to the purchase of an existing building or during the process of refinancing. The goals of this study include identifying any physical deficiencies, maintenance issues, obvious defects as well as the assessment of components which are nearing or have exceeded their expected useful life. The report also provides opinions of costs for recommended remedies for any physical deficiency observed. 


David Black Associates, Inc. (DBA) performs these assessments in accordance with the ASTM E2018-01 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments and we will also modify the scope to comply with any specific requirements our clients may have.


Most Property Condition Assessments cover the following concerns: 


           Structural Systems 

           Roofing Systems 

           Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC Systems (MPEH) 


           Architectural Finishes 


           Fire Protection 


           ADA Compliance 


The study commences with a preliminary review of available documentation that should include: drawings, specifications, reports, records. This preliminary phase also includes interviews with the property manager and/or maintenance personnel. The study then involves a walk through of the property by trained personnel noting the general condition of the property along with locating any problems or visual defects of the material buildings systems.  DBA will then provide you with a signed and sealed report if needed.